Sparkler is an evidence-based, mobile family engagement platform, available in English and Spanish, which is working with the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood and 211 Child Development to help ALL Connecticut families of 0-5 year olds. Sparkler offers:

  • Tracking tools to monitor children’s social-emotional, cognitive, communication, and physical development, including the Ages & Stages Questionnaires®. 
  • Content that helps parents/caregivers support their children’s learning and development. Sparkler has a library of 1500+ play-based learning activities developed by early childhood educators, and is adding more all the time. 
  • Messaging tools to give parents/caregivers advice and support.

Current Sparkler Partner Organizations: 

Sparkler is working with the Office of Early Childhood, 211 Child Development, and partner organizations across the state to engage and support Connecticut’s young families.  Current partners include:

  • The Office of Early Childhood
  • The State Department of Education
  • Sparkler’s pioneer communities
  • Connecticut Department of Children and Families
  • Learn the Signs Act Early
  • Home Visiting
  • CT Cares
  • Birth to Three
  • Home Visiting
  • GEER: 250+ schools across the state eligible for services
  • Family Resource Centers
  • Individual preschools and daycare centers
  • Community-based organizations and collectives across the state

If your school or program wants to either promote Sparkler to your families or use it more actively to engage your families, please reach out to! We are happy to help you get started. 

Screening With Sparkler

Sparkler makes the mobile Ages and Stages Questionnaires accessible — wherever they are — to families of 0-5 year olds across the state. The ASQs on Sparkler are the same as the ASQs often given by educators or pediatricians except that they are mobile, accessible via smartphones or tablets. 

When a family completes an ASQ in Sparkler, Sparkler automatically scores the ASQ. The results go to the ASQ online system and to the Sparkler Dashboard. 

The family will receive a coaching message through Sparkler that the results have been received. 

If a program is “in the lead,” they will discuss the results with the family and offer supports/referrals. Otherwise, 211 Child Development will reach out to the family to share results and help to support them if they have questions or might need an evaluation. 

Materials/Videos about Sparkler that can be shared:

Sparkler Overview (YouTube)

Sparkler & ASQ Overview (English)

Sparkler & ASQ Overview (Spanish)

Developmental Screening Overview (English)

Developmental Screening Overview (Spanish)

Ongoing Training/Resources for Providers

Sparkler and 211 Child Development have recorded several training webinars for providers:

Sparkler and 211 Child Development are also developing a series of training opportunities (both recorded and live/virtual) for organizations working with us. We will reach out to current partners about these upcoming opportunities. 


For further information on Sparkler, please visit If you have any questions or need other support getting started with Sparkler or using it, please don’t hesitate to reach out: