The Connecticut Birth to Three System supports families in meeting the developmental and health-related needs of their infants and toddlers who have delays or disabilities.

If you have concerns about an infant or toddler’s ability to talk, eat, walk, handle toys, see, hear or play with others, you can call 211 Child Development at 1-800-505-7000 to discuss your concerns.

You may also use the Referral Form on the Birth to Three website. The care coordinators at 211 Child Development help callers with their concerns and may offer a free developmental evaluation.  If the child is determined to be eligible for Birth to Three services, families will be offered supports and services to enhance their child’s development as soon as possible.

Anyone can call to make a referral to Birth to Three, however, if someone other than the family calls, the care coordinators at CDI will then contact the family to discuss the referral, help them understand the process, and get the family’s permission to move forward with the referral to one of the approved Birth to Three programs that serve the town in which the family lives.

A family handbook about the referral and eligibility evaluation is then mailed to the family, and the selected Birth to Three program will call the family to schedule an in-home developmental evaluation.

Callers concerned about the development of a child who will be turning three years old within 45 calendar days will be given information about Early Childhood Special Education and how to refer their child to their local school district. For children who are evaluated and are found to be not eligible for Birth to Three services, information on resources available through Help Me Grow and/or the Ages and Stages Child Monitoring Program is given to the families.

For more information on the Connecticut Birth to Three System, visit the Birth to Three website at