The Department of Public Health’s Medical Home Initiative for Children and Youth with Special Health, requires the five regional programs to establish and maintain care coordination collaboratives.

The purpose of the Collaboratives is to maximize the resources available to children by improving communication among providers, increasing the knowledge of the referral process used by agencies, ensuring timely access to services needed by children and their families, and identifying the challenges that families encounter in obtaining services.

The Care Coordination Collaboratives consist of representatives from a variety of regional agencies and programs that serve children, and meet on a regular basis to do the following:

  • Learn through in-services from local and state providers about available services and how families access them
  • Collectively review challenging cases in order to maximize the full range of resources available to address the identified needs;
  • Develop and advocate for policy level solutions in connecting families to services
  • Support pediatric providers in meeting the care coordination needs of families.

Collaborative members may include, representatives from child welfare, medical practices, HUSKY/CHIP, early care and education, schools, mental health, oral health, home visiting programs, legal aid, and agencies that assist with basic needs.

In addition to the establishment of the five regional Collaboratives, there will be a state level Collaborative that will provide an opportunity for the regional Collaboratives to share experiences, lessons learned, and advocate for policy level solutions. Each regional Collaborative will be represented on the state level group.

Regional Medical Home Initiatives will be supported in their Collaborative efforts by staff and consultants at the Special Kids Support Center and 211 Child Development. 

For more information on the Regional Collaboratives:

  • North Central Care Coordination Collaborative: contact Allison Matthews-Wilson, LCSW at
  • South Central Care Coordination Collaborative:  contact Cheryl Burack at
  • Eastern Region Care Coordination Collaborative:  contact Yolanda Bowes at
  • Southwestern Care Coordination Collaborative:  contact Madhu Mather at
  • Northwestern Care Coordination Collaborative:  contact Maria Thomas at

For more information on the Statewide Collaborative:

  • Contact Marijane Carey at 

Presentation Material from Collaborative Meetings: